Thursday, July 21, 2011

I have a Bible Bump

I have a bible bump also known as a ganglion cysts.  A ganglion cyst is a cyst that grows in the wrist around the joint or the tendon.  In the past it was known as a bible bump because of the method of treatment that was used get rid of the cyst.  If you had a bible bump on your wrist you would have a friend whack it with a heavy book.  Since every household had a bible, and the bible is a heavy book that could be used to whack and pop the cyst, the cyst was known as a bible bump.  My cyst is too deep to use this method, otherwise I would get my bible out.

My bible bump is deep in my wrist next to the radius bone.  My pea sized cyst is also located right next to the tendon leading to my index finger and right next to an artery.   Because if its location and small size, this makes it difficult and dangerous to operate on, but an operation might be necessary if the pain doesnt go away.

The cyst is pressing on my tendon and causing pain and swelling in my wrist and the palm of my hand.  Both my doctor and my physical therapist have ordered me to completely rest my hand for at least a week.  Dont use it at all.  Obviously this is very difficult.  No dishes, laundry, changing sheets, hmmm.............. maybe this isnt so bad after all.  But really, this is a very hard task, to not use my hand at all.  I believe the longest I have gone is a day and a half.  However, now that I know how dangerous the operation is, I will have to give resting my wrist and hand another try.

Today the doctor gave me a cortisone injection in the palm of my hand.  The injection had lidocain in the it as well.  It felt good to numb the pain in my hand but the pain in my wrist is still there.  My doctor decided against injecting my wrist with cortisone because of how deep the inflammation was and how close it was to the artery.  She didnt want to inject cortisone into my artery or into my tendon.  That wouldnt be helpful.

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