Thursday, June 30, 2011

hippy bridal beautiful

Hippy brides need to be beautiful on their wedding day too.  It is the most important beauty day of my life.  Hopefully not the most important day of my life, but the most important beauty day.  This is how a hippy bride gets beautiful for her wedding day.

1)  Get rid of those pimples.  I have acne prone skin so it has been a chore to get rid of my pimples.  This is what I do. First I go swimming everyday. Not only is this good exercise but the chlorine zaps those germs that cause pimples and dries out my pimples.  Next I have a prescription for Acanya, a topical antibiotic cream that I put on in the morning.  At night I apply a prescription vitamin A cream.

Exfoliating is key.  I exfoliate my face and body every other day in the shower.   When I am done with the shower I wipe my face, neck, chest and back with an astringent with salicylic acid in it.

Be germ free.   I wash my hands several times a day.  Everytime a switch to a different activity.  Like when I am done watching tv, or before I use my computer. As soon as I walk in the house from outside I always wash my hands.  I also have alchol swabs that I disinfect everything with.  I disinfect all my makeup when I am done applying it.  I disinfect, the phone, computer, purse handles, doorknobs, toothbrush, steering wheel of car.  Pretty much anything I will be touching.  You should also wash your makeup brushes once a week.  I wash them with regular shampoo and dip them in alcohol and let them dry.
Finally I use Alba, an organic face mask.  It gets rid of my pimples and leaves my complexion baby smooth

2) Kissable lips.  To get kissable lips you need to exfoliate everyday.  I exfoliate twice a day.  In the shower at night and with a toothbrush in the morning.  You also need to moisturize.  I use softlips chapstick in the morning and at night before bed.

3) Moisturize.  I apply an oil free moisturizer at night plus a special under eye cream.  I have an all over body moisturizer I use at night

4) Makeup.  It is important to find the perfect makeup for your wedding day and practice applying it.  Dont use foundation with SPF in it because it will interfere with the flash and make you look washed out.  Also eyeshadow is important.  It is important to get a palette of shades that are not too shimmery. You also want your shadow to be highly pigmentated and soft in texture.

5) Beautiful Hair.  I use K pak on my hair a few times a week.  I leave it on for 30 minutes and then rinse.  Also, dont forget your swim cap when you are swimming to protect your hair from the chlorine and sun.

6) Massage.  I am getting a massage a day before the wedding to relax so I dont feel like bridezilla.

Well, I hope my beauty regime works.   We will see in one week how I look.  I have no pimples as of today

UPDATE ON HIP.  My hip was feeling fantastic 2 weeks ago (still in pain but a lot less pain, I can walk farther).  Now, it has regressed a little bit. I had to use my crutches yesterday and it was hard to sleep last night. The only thing that I have changed is now I am only going to physical therapy only once a week now.  I was going twice a week.  Hopefully my bridal massage will help my hip feel good for my wedding day.  I will be sure to ice my hip a lot this week as well.

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